Nov 30, 2014

I just realized that I had a project when I was a student in the university. I thought it was created for 3 years ago. The project named TAIS (Thailand Amphibian Information System). I created this project because I wanted to created a system that can search relation between the animal by using information from Biological Classification (Taxonomy) with W3C semantic technology.

This system used Java with Google AppEngine. I thought Google AppEngine was very good for scaling but it had a lot of limitation. This made this work more difficult than I expected. I had to used a lot of service from Google AppEngine to archive my goal such as Memcache , Task Queues , Backend , ETC ...

Data that was used in this system. I brought it from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment which are pdf documents. So I had to created a sub-project for converting data from pdf to OWL to described Biology Information for each species within TAIS .

you can try to see relation between species by clicking at grouping tab. For example, I would like to see the relation between 2 species which are Fejervarya raja and Xenophrys longipes. I input species into the input box (TAIS has suggestion feature too :) ) and pressed add button , After I added those 2 species, I pressed group button to see the result.

TAIS will return result that contains all Biology Information of those species. Now I can know that Fejervarya raja and Xenophrys longipes have the same Order which is Anura (frog). And I also know that Xenophrys longipes has Thai local name is อึ่งกรายขายาว and Fejervarya raja has กบราชา as Thai local name :) ).

TAIS also has backend system for OWL management. I called this system that ODMS (Ontology Data Management System). ODMS used Apache Jena to manage OWL data and support SPARQL to query relationship data in the ontology which constructed from OWL document that we provided.

Now the OWL that I created contains only amphibian that found in Thailand. I think I have plan to continue working with the project and provide more Biology Information into this system. That was the reason why I named this system as BiologyDB at the first times :) .

Let's see ! TAIS