Jul 7, 2016

There are some steps before build a Python application in your Windows. Let's start!

1. install Git

I thought almost everyone uses Git as a primary source code management. For Windows. You can download the installation file directly from their website:
With this tutorial, I will do everything in Git-Bash :)

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Apr 28, 2015

It's shame to say that this website was build with very old school java style ... Previously , every libraries in this website have to be a jar file and put it together in the single directory. After that I have to do some of setting in Eclipse for using it.

Actually , it's a heritage from the early version of Google AppEngine on Java. At that time , it does not support Maven yet. I have another project that already build with maven but I don't have time to go back and fix it in this web (a little bit busy guy). But for now , it's very difficult (and pain) for me to introduce a new library or upgrade a version in this project. So I have to fix it 😄 . Google AppEngine in maven plugin is handy for a java developer like me.

But one more thing, A new version of java is coming (words of my house). Currently , Google AppEngine only supports Java 7. It would be a great success , if we can use a new version of Java in the future (I wish). 😄

Nov 30, 2014

I just realized that I had a project when I was a student in the university. I thought it was created for 3 years ago. The project named TAIS (Thailand Amphibian Information System). I created this project because I wanted to created a system that can search relation between the animal by using information from Biological Classification (Taxonomy) with W3C semantic technology.

This system used Java with Google AppEngine. I thought Google AppEngine was very good for scaling but it had a lot of limitation. This made this work more difficult than I expected. I had to used a lot of service from Google AppEngine to archive my goal such as Memcache , Task Queues , Backend , ETC ...

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